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Important CC Download Notice

17th June 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful day. I was thinking earlier today on how my site’s navigation is and if it is efficient for people who are in the middle of CC shopping and would prefer to quickly download what they need and move on.

On my site I use a shop page for all my recolours and I simply set it that all items are free so no one is charged, however the plugin I use due to the CMS I use (WordPress) does not seem to provide an option for people to not register so as to permit them to make instant downloads.

So I thought it better to make it easier and for those who prefer not to register in order to download the recolours, I have started placing additional links within the item descriptions for instant downloads. However if you would like a bulk download, you will still be required to register at checkout STILL FREE. The registration process is simple, and is not tedious though, it is a similar type of registration that you would make with most websites. I keep my site secure (click on the lock in the URL), and I have additional malware and spam protection installed to stop any attacks on the site or any private information being leaked.

Let me not bore you with my words and let you get shopping. Simply Click Here and you are good to go.

Thank you for your support.

xoxo E

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