I am a singer/songwriter with a passion for the creative arts. With that came my ambition to get into broadcast media where I am working on my own online TV channel TGZ TV, I started my own magazine TGZ Mag which I am the editor in chief, I freelance as a graphics designer Effycom.com, and I fell in love with The Sims 4 just over a year ago. I am generally an all rounder when it comes to the creative arts, so I tend to have ideas pop up in my head more often than I can count. I am an action oriented person, and so when I think of an idea that I think is good, I do not hesitate to act upon it, or at least put a pin on it so I can revisit it at a later time. I love being a creative because it allows one to expand their mind, and simply have unlimited possibilities, I love being able to share, collaborate and to learn with people who are like minded.